Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines Provides Statement On Senate Bill 725 – the CAHSEE Exemption

Aug.26, 2015
I am pleased that the governor and the Legislature acted quickly to resolve what has been a significant problem for almost 500 of our students.

These are students who have met all graduation requirements with the exception of the California High School Exit Exam, and they have been in limbo through no fault of their own.

Without Senate Bill 725, these students and thousands more around the state would have been prevented from starting college, pursuing jobs and apprenticeships, and joining the military. These students now can move forward as successful L.A. Unified graduates.

The bill benefits students like Yessenia Rivera, 18, who will now be able to get her diploma from Arleta High School. Ms. Rivera hopes to attend community college and eventually become a kindergarten teacher.

“This makes me more than happy to be able to start my life and do what I want to do -- to be a successful individual that, hopefully, my future kids will someday look up to,” Ms. Rivera said.

While Senate Bill 725 resolves the immediate problem faced by students in the class of 2015, this is still an issue for future students. Additionally, I urge the Legislature and the governor to support Senate Bill 172, a bill currently making its way through the legislative process and would avoid the same graduation issue happening to future students.

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