Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines Provides Statement On Class Size Adjustments

Friday, Aug.21, 2015
As we wrap up an extraordinary first week of school, I remain confident that the rest of the 2015-16 school year will go just as smoothly. I want to publicly acknowledge our school-site heroes – both classified and certificated employees – for their hard work. I also want to thank parents and guardians for their confidence in our schools.

I am especially pleased with how well the My Integrated Student Information System (MiSiS) program is working. Not only has MiSiS supported scheduling and attendance, it also has allowed us to quickly identify classes that are over- and under-enrolled. These imbalances are common during the opening days of school, but MiSiS has provided us with the information more rapidly than in past years.

We are now beginning to make necessary adjustments to class size. For instance, we can open a new class and assign an additional teacher if it is over-enrolled. We can also transfer students to a class that is under-enrolled. Our goal is to stabilize classes and schools as soon as possible – certainly within the next two weeks.

There are several causes for our records to show that a class is over-enrolled. Some students may be registered, but have not shown up for class. Other students may be enrolled at more than one school. Principals, counselors and other school-site staff are verifying records, and eliminating no-shows and duplicate students from MiSiS. At the same time, our human resources team has begun verifying that schools have the appropriate number of teachers.

As we did during the weeks leading up to the start of school, we are working together to provide the best learning experience for our students.