MiSiS: Superintendent's Weekly Update

This week the MiSiS recovery effort received a vote of confidence as the School Construction Bond Citizens’ Oversight Committee approved a 12-month plan to continue fixing issues related to enrollment, scheduling, attendance, and other critical areas. During Thursday’s meeting, the committee members expressed appreciation to the MiSiS team for their hard work and to school employees for their participation in focus groups, surveys, and other efforts to guide ongoing development of the system. While recognizing that the project is moving in the right direction, committee members acknowledged that there is a long road ahead until we get to where we need to be. The plan will be presented to the Board for final approval on
June 9th.

I want to echo the sentiments of the committee and remind everyone that while we’ve made progress, there is still a great deal of work to be done. And, it cannot be done right without continuing to listen carefully and understand what our schools are telling us. I invite everyone to go to http://achieve.lausd.net/voicesofmisis and hear from some of our teachers, counselors, and administrative staff who took some time recently to talk to us about their experiences with MiSiS. And, add your own voice to the conversation on the MiSiS Discussion Forum http://achieve.lausd.net/misis-forum or contact us at http://achieve.lausd.net/misis-contact
Fixing MiSiS will continue to be a challenge. I am confident, however, that with our dedicated team, our strong partnership with Microsoft, and continued thoughtful input from our schools, it is a challenge that we will overcome successfully. We will provide what every one of our students needs to succeed.
Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines
Key Updates and Highlights
Below are some key highlights related to MiSiS improvement. For detailed information about changes in the software this week go to: http://achieve.lausd.net/misis-releasenotes.
Year End Reporting
• Secondary schools are reminded to enter year-end flags for all graduating seniors. These flags inform the system that a student is ready to graduate and does not need to be enrolled next year. Job aids are available on the MiSiS website (achieve.lausd.net/misisjobaids) and additional information is available in Reference Guide REF-6501.

Summer School
• The Summer School Enrollment Count Report is now available for users with District Administrator and Summer School Counselor roles. The report provides a count of students enrolled in each section of a course and a summary count of students per course.
• The team has corrected program bugs on the Summer School Class Enrollment Report and Summer School Confirmation Letter.

Master Scheduling
• As of today, 71 of 291 secondary schools have already committed their master schedules for Fall 2015.
• Updates were made to several screens and reports, including the Student Request Options Report, Scheduler Course Request Summary, and the Student Schedule Summary.
• Tools used for next year enrollment have been updated, including the addition of year-end flags on Completer Returning (CR) and Prior Completer Returning (TR) and the Automatic Withdrawal Report.
English Learners
• Schools are no longer able to edit Home Language Survey questions; any changes needed should be reported to the Office of Data and Accountability.
• Updates were made to elementary school report cards including correct display of attendance data.
• Schools are now able to enter a grade of “P” on the student transcript for service learning courses.
Upcoming Milestones
• May 18-June 4 – Secondary Final Grading Period
• May 20-June 4 – Final Elementary School Grading Period
• June 4 – Last Day of Instruction
• June 8 – Last day for Secondary Schools to Commit Master Schedules for 2015-16
• June 15 – Summer School Programs Begin
• August 18 – First Day of Instruction for 2015-16