MiSiS: Superintendent's Weekly Update

May 22, 2015
When technology works the way it should, people tend to pay less attention to it. And, sometimes, the people who work around the clock to keep systems running are invisible to us. I want to acknowledge the many talented people who work—24 hours a day, 356 days a year—to keep our information systems available and performing as fast as possible.
I am referring to the “behind the scenes” employees who work in departments such as Shared Technical Services, Data Center Operations, Network Operations, and IT Security. Many of these team members worked late into the night this past weekend to install the most top-of-the-line equipment so we can better handle the millions of pieces of student data that regularly flow through our systems. Without these individuals, we would not have a student information system at all, and I am incredibly grateful to every one of them for doing their jobs so well that we usually don’t even know they are there.

I also want to acknowledge all of the administrators and teachers who took the time to meet with the MiSiS team this week to share their many concerns about continuing MiSiS challenges at their schools. I know that even with the progress being made, our schools continue to be frustrated by outstanding problems. We take every concern very seriously and constantly strive to provide the student information system that every school—and every student—needs to be successful.
Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines
Key Updates and Highlights

Below are some key highlights related to MiSiS improvement. For detailed information about changes in the software this week see http://achieve.lausd.net/misis-releasenotes.

MiSiS Support
• The MiSiS HelpDesk call center will be available until 6 P.M. on Monday through Thursday when school is in session until the end of the school year. For assistance, call (213) 241-5200, press 5 and then 2. See http://helpdesk.lausd.net for support options.
• The current list of all known issues is always available at http://achieve.lausd.net/misis-issues
Master Scheduling
• As of today, 266 of 291 secondary schools are in the process of completing their master schedules; 49 schools have already committed.
• Updates were made to various screens and reports, including the Scheduler Course Request Summary, Class Enrollment Report, and Counseling Planning Sheet; the name of Requests by Subject Requirement Code was changed to Requests by Department.

• The Address Search and Enrollment screens were changed for ease of use; the Address Search button does not need to be clicked if there have been no changes to the address fields; error messages are displayed in larger, bold font.
• Various fixes and updates were made to tools used for enrollment, including an error message built in to the Withdraw screen to help prevent students from being withdrawn when they are enrolled in sections following the withdrawal date.

• Updates were made to the Manage Teacher Class Attendance and Update Attendance screens to comply with Education Code and District policy requirements.
• For elementary schools, the Class Attendance Totals with Date Range Report is now available, and time in/time out information is now displaying for students who were tardy or left early.

• User permissions were updated for the Danger of Failing Report and the Senior Non Grad Letter.
• Updates have been made to the Elementary Teacher Verification Report (TVR) and the report is working as expected.

Summer School
• Summer school teachers are now being added for scheduling on the Summer School Section Editor screen; additional teachers will be added each day based on the Online Summer School Teacher Application.
• Bugs were fixed on the Summer School Class Enrollment report and Summer School Student report.

Upcoming Milestones
• May 4-29 – Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) Testing for reclassification purposes
• May 18-29 – Math Placement Assessments
• May 18-June 4 – Secondary Final Grading Period
• May 20-June 4 – Final Elementary School Grading Period
• June 4 – Last Day of Instruction
• June 8 – Secondary Schools Expected to Commit Master Schedules
• June 15 – Summer School Programs Begin

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