MiSiS: Superintendent's Update

Week of May 15, 2015
I have spoken with many school employees about MiSiS in recent weeks, and the message has been clear and consistent: While the system has been improving steadily since a troubling start to the school year, there is still much to be addressed. This notion is consistent with employees’ response to the recent MiSiS Experience Survey.
Our initial analyses show that the majority of respondents stated that since the beginning of the year the system has improved a little (61%) or improved a lot (29%). Still, a percentage felt that it has not improved at all (8%) or has gotten worse (2%). The MiSiS team will use the information as a major driver in prioritizing their work during the summer months and into 2015-16. We will provide more detail on the survey findings in the coming weeks.
The MiSiS team and I are committed to providing the fully functional system needed to promote the achievement of every one of our students.
Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines

Key Updates and Highlights
Below are some key highlights related to MiSiS improvement. For detailed information about changes in the software this week see http://achieve.lausd.net/misis-releasenotes.
Important Notes
  • Please note that starting at 9 PM this evening, MiSiS will be intermittently unavailable through the weekend while important upgrades are implemented to support year-end grade reporting.
  • Although there is no official deadline to commit master schedules, the Office of Curriculum Instruction and School Support recommends that all secondary schools aim to do so by June 8, 2015.
Summer School
  • Summer School Application Letters are now generating for students who will be enrolled at a different school next year.
  • Updates were made to the Summer School Section Editor and Summer School Enrollment Screen to correct errors and allow students with future individualized education plan (IEP) dates to be enrolled in summer school.
Master Scheduling
  • As of today, 256 of 291 secondary schools have created at least one scenario for their master schedules; 32 schools have already committed.
  • Corrections were made to various screens and reports used for scheduling, including the Pre-Run Validation and Class Enrollment Report.    
  • A new Next Year Enrollment Error Report identifies any students who could not be automatically enrolled due to conflicting school options.
  • To comply with state reporting requirements, MiSiS now prevents use of special characters in students’ legal names; a program was run to correct existing special characters within the system.
  • The Attendance At-A-Glance calendar view now includes additional details for secondary students for whom more than one status is recorded.
  • For continuation schools, the Manage Teacher/Class Attendance screen now displays default status and reason codes accurately when attendance has not been submitted
  • Teachers are now able to go back and edit or finish grade entry after having submitted   incomplete grades.
Upcoming Milestones
  • May 4-15 – Advanced Placement (AP) testing
  • May 4-29 – Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) Testing for reclassification purposes (the window for SRI testing not used for reclassification closes on June 5)
  • May 12-13 – California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) Testing
  • May 13 – Administration of California Standards Test (CST), California Modified Assessment (CMA), California Alternative Performance Assessment (CAPA), and Standards-based Test in Spanish (STS)
  • May 18-29 – Math Placement Assessments
  • May 18-June 4 – Secondary Final Grading Period
  • May 20-June 4 – Final Elementary School Grading Period
  • June 4 – Last Day of Instruction
  • June 13 – Summer school begins

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