MiSiS: Superintendent's Update

May 8, 2015
The MiSiS team is keeping a close eye on the tasks that schools are performing as they approach the end of the instructional year, including master scheduling, year-end reporting, and summer school enrollment. At this time, 80% of our secondary schools are hard at work on their master schedules for 2015-16; the MiSiS team is verifying that the tools needed for year-end grade reports are ready; and schools have the ability to enroll students in summer school sections, following some important developments this week (see details in the highlights below).
I also want to express my appreciation to the thousands of school employees who took the time to offer thoughtful feedback on the recent MiSiS Experience Survey. Employees who did not have a chance to respond can still offer feedback through the MiSiS Discussion Forum and the Contact Us page. I anticipate there will be additional surveys of this kind in the future, as they provide a valuable way for us to ensure that we hear and respond to the needs of those who use the system regularly. These voices are critical, because our school employees serve at the forefront of preparing every student for success in education and in life.
Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines
Key Updates and Highlights
Below are some key highlights related to MiSiS improvement. For detailed information about changes in the software this week see http://achieve.lausd.net/misis-releasenotes.
Summer School
• Principals and school administrative assistants (SAAs) at all receiving summer schools have automatically been assigned to the Summer School Counseling role, allowing them to use the new Section Editor tools to schedule students for summer school at their sites.
• Starting this week, employees with Scheduling Administrator access were also granted Summer School Counseling access for their school.
• We anticipate that summer school teachers will be added to sites the week of May 18.
• A new reference guide (6500.0 – Transfer Data Information for School Receiving Matriculating Students) is available to assist schools with transferring student data from feeder schools.
English Learners
• Schools should ensure that all English Learners who meet the criteria are reclassified before final grading periods are open; schools can use MiSiS to generate a Ready to Reclassify Roster and reclassify all qualifying students together as a group.
• Elementary report cards and teacher verification reports have been updated to include correct student information.
• The Middle School Transcript Report is now available.
Upcoming Milestones
• May 4-15 – Advanced Placement (AP) testing
• May 11-June 5 – Scholastic Reading Inventory Testing
• May 12-13 – California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) Testing
• May 13 – Administration of California Standards Test (CST), California Modified Assessment (CMA), California Alternative Performance Assessment (CAPA), and Standards-based Test in Spanish (STS)
• May 18-29 – Math Placement Assessments
• May 18-June 4 – Secondary Final Grading Period
• May 20-June 4 – Final Elementary School Grading Period
• June 4 – Last Day of Instruction
• June 13 – Summer school begins