MiSiS: Superintedent's Update

All school employees who have not yet done so should take a moment to respond to the online MiSiS experience survey as soon as they can. The survey is accessible online at http://achieve.lausd.net/misis-survey. We will continue moving in the right direction if we ensure that voices from our schools are informing our work every step of the way.
As I have said before—and I will say it again—how much I appreciate the patience and perseverance shown by LAUSD employees as we work to fix this massive and complex system. I also want to thank all of the hard-working individuals on the MiSiS team for their tireless efforts to provide critical improvements for all of our schools.
Whereas large companies like Microsoft or Google may make updates to their major products every few months, our team is working around the clock to make as many as 100 updates to MiSiS every single week. They have been working at this incredibly fast pace for months now and will need to continue to do so for the foreseeable future, because it is a must for our schools.
Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines

Key Updates and Highlights
Below are some key highlights related to MiSiS improvement. For detailed information about changes in the software this week see http://achieve.lausd.net/misis-releasenotes.
• Several enhancements and fixes to attendance screens and reports were made to ensure consistency in attendance data. All attendance screens were adjusted to list students’ names by last, first, and middle initial.
• MiSiS continues to support attendance taking for every student in every period every day, which is essential to claim revenue sources needed to continue educating our students.
English Learners
• Users can now view more California English Language Development Test (CELDT) scores at one time on the English learner screen.
• The Enrollment team fixed a number of program bugs that caused incorrect error messages to display or created problems when searching for students.
• The system now allows a student to be withdrawn at a past date when that student’s attendance is invalidated.
• Student transfers are now captured in the New Year Enrollment process that runs on a nightly basis; some schools may observe exceptions when running the next year enrollment process; for guidance on how to manage exceptions see http://achieve.lausd.net/nye-exceptions.
• Cumulative folder labels were corrected so that they no longer include unnecessary information (such as dropped courses and information form previous schools).
• Corrections to the Individualized Graduation Plan (IGP) reports allow information to show correctly.
• Correct credit information is now displaying in Graduation Audit Reports and in the Graduation Summary Screen.
• Transcripts for Magnet School students now show the correct name of the Magnet School.
• The 2015-16 elementary school year term has been updated with a pre-programmed scenario (for example, students in Grade 1 in 2014-15 will populate in the Grade 2 course for 2015-16). Elementary schools may now create new sections (assigning teachers to rooms) and assign students to their future classes. For guidance please refer to the Elementary Basics job aid on the MiSiS website.
Student Testing
• Adjustments were made to the California English Language Development Test (CELDT) Coding Roster allowing schools to customize how information is displayed and identify students to be tested.
Summer School
• Summer school application reports are now available for all sending schools.
Upcoming Milestones
• May 4-15 – Advanced Placement (AP) testing
• May 11-June 5 – Scholastic Reading Inventory Testing
• May 12-13 – California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) Testing
• May 13 – Administration of California Standards Test (CST), California Modified Assessment (CMA), California Alternative Performance Assessment (CAPA), and Standards-based Test in Spanish (STS)
• May 18-29 – Math Placement Assessments
• May 18-June 4 – Secondary Final Grading Period
• May 20-June 4 – Final Elementary School Grading Period