MiSiS: Superintendent's Weekly Update

Friday, April 24, 2015
This week the MiSiS team completed work on next year’s enrollment process that schools need in order to complete their master schedules for 2015-16 (see details in the highlights below). While I believe this represents a major step in the overall improvement effort, I also want to acknowledge that there is still a lot of frustration at our schools, as many elements have yet to work the way they should.

I want to make sure we are fully informed about the day-to-day challenges at all of our schools. To that end, we will soon invite every school employee to respond to a few questions about their experiences with MiSiS. This exercise will provide important insight on what has been getting better, problems that persist, and the issues that are most important for every school. I encourage everyone to take a moment to respond to the invite when they receive it so that we can be confident no voices are missing from the conversation.
I want to reiterate my gratitude to all employees for the critical role they are playing in this process.
Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines
Key Updates and Highlights
Below are some key highlights related to MiSiS improvement. For detailed information about changes in the software this week see http://achieve.lausd.net/misis-releasenotes.
Next Year Enrollment
• Schools are now able to view information for matriculating (incoming) students for 2015-16. The system analyzes students’ acceptance at Magnet, Zone of Choice, and other programs; anticipates their school enrollment for next year; and automatically makes them available for master scheduling at that school. While schools can currently make edits for continuing students, edits for matriculating students should be available after June 4, 2015.
• Some schools may observe exceptions when running the next year enrollment process; for guidance on how to manage exceptions see http://achieve.lausd.net/nye-exceptions

• MiSiS continues to enable schools to take and report attendance normally for every student in every period. Any school experiencing problems with attendance taking or reporting should contact the IT HelpDesk immediately.
English Learners
• Updates were made to the EL Student Schedule Summary Report.
• Principals and categorical program coordinators can now resume updating comments in sections of the English learner screens.

• The team made repairs to Secondary and Options School report cards, so they are now functioning properly.
• Recently reported alignment issues with student cumulative folder labels have now been resolved.

• The team made numerous updates to various reports, screens, and functions used for scheduling; the Elementary Reorganization Report is now available for all elementary schools, and the Pre-Run Validation Report is available to all schools.
Student Testing
• Adjustments were made to the California English Language Development Test (CELDT) Coding Roster allowing schools to customize how information is displayed and identify students to be tested.

Summer School
• Summer school application reports are now available for all sending schools.
Upcoming Milestones
• April 23-May 1 - Secondary 15-week grading period
• April 24 - Results mailed for California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE)
• May 1 - End Physical Fitness testing
• May 4-15 - Advanced Placement (AP) testing
• May 11-June 5 - Scholastic Reading Inventory Testing
• May 12-13 - California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) Testing
• May 13 - Administration of California Standards Test (CST), (CMA), California Alternative Performance Assessment (CAPA), and Standards-based Test in Spanish (STS)
• May 18-29 - Math Placement Assessments
• May 18-June 4 - Secondary Final Grading Period
• May 20-June 4 - Third Elementary School Grading Period