LAUSD’S Instructional Technology Initiative Task Force Holds First Meeting

 LOS ANGELES (April 10, 2015) – The newly formed Los Angeles Unified School District’s Instructional Technology Initiative Task Force met for the first time Thursday at the Los Angeles School of Global Studies.

The task force – which includes principals, teachers, administrators, parents, students, community members and special resource experts from various local organizations, colleges and businesses – heard from Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines.
“Thank you for contributing your time and expertise to this important task force,” Cortines said. “You have a monumental job ahead of you. We have spent more than $100 million dollars on this project and it is now time to regroup and develop a solid plan that allows us to move forward and leverage technology as a tool to improve teaching and learning for our students. We also need our teachers and parents to be users of technology and involved and engaged in this entire process. I look forward to receiving a technology plan that can be implemented across the entire District.”
The task force will provide recommendations for a three-year strategic plan to guide instructional technology integration throughout the District. Recommendations will be reviewed and synthesized into a formal draft, which will be submitted to Superintendent Cortines. After his review, the plan will be formally presented to the Board of Education. The plan is expected to be completed by early next year.
Five principals, several key administrators, resource experts and Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School student Mariano Bonilla attended yesterday’s meeting. According to student Bonilla, “I am excited to be a voice on this task force. I think it is important to have the student perspective because we are the ones needing and using technology every day. I am grateful to not only be a part of this group, but also to be one of the pioneers in terms of using devices in the classroom. My researching and critical thinking skills have improved greatly since we began using technology at our school.”
Task force members will meet as a whole group and also break off into smaller working groups from April to November. The smaller working groups will have access to District and external experts and focus around four key areas:
1. Curriculum: What will students learn?
2. Teaching and Learning: How will students learn?
3. Tools and Support: What resources will be needed?
4. Operations and Structures: How will it work?
“Our vision is that all schools use technology as a tool to differentiate and personalize instruction, increase academic rigor and build student ownership of learning,” Dr. Judy Burton said. She chairs the task force, and is also the founder of Alliance College-Ready Public Schools and a former associate superintendent at the District. She added, “It is also about access and providing our students with the technology tools – whatever they may be – they need for success.”
The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 23. The task force member roster is attached to this news release.
By Shannon Haber (213) 241-4575