Superintendent's Weekly Update on MiSiS

Friday, March 27, 2015

While we are all looking forward to the day when MiSiS provides all of the functionality and reliability our schools need, it is important to remember that we are still in the process of stabilizing the system. The team has made a great deal of progress improving the critical functions needed to enroll, schedule, and take attendance for students. However, there are still many technical problems, and there will continue to be in the months to come.

As an example, the team worked diligently in recent months to make new functionality and training opportunities for master scheduling available; however, the experience has not gone as smoothly as we would like for all schools. Importantly, schools that needed assistance let us know right away. Because of this, many of the technical problems that occurred this week were resolved the same day.

As always, I encourage all employees to visit and contact us right away when they experience problems, successes, or have any feedback about MiSiS improvement. It is only with this kind of ongoing meaningful dialogue that we will be able to continue on the path to success.

Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines

Key Updates and Highlights

• This week the team introduced new icons to attendance screens to assist teachers in quickly identifying students not yet counted; a green checkmark indicates that attendance has been taken for that student, whereas a red exclamation point indicates that attendance has not been taken.
• Thanks to the efforts of our educational service centers, fiscal specialists, and Pupil Services, the backlog of attendance data has been reduced by roughly two-thirds in the last three months; the team continues to support schools with remaining backlogs to ensure that every attendance record at every school it appropriately entered into MiSiS for average daily attendance (ADA) reporting purposes.
English Learners
• A glitch in the system caused next-year grade levels rather than current-year grade levels to display for some English Learners in rosters, reports, and notifications; this was corrected early this week, allowing schools to move forward with reclassification activities.

• Students are now listed alphabetically by last name in the Gradebook, corresponding to rosters in the Attendance and Grades modules.

Grades and Graduation Standards

• The 10-week secondary grading window closed last week with grades successfully submitted by over 11,300 teachers for over 242,000 students.
• The 2015 Individualized Graduation Plan (IGP) reports are available and working correctly; the team is working on developing reports for 2016.
• The LAUSD Course Guidelines are reflecting accurately in the MiSiS Transcript Report; courses are receiving accurate credits and displaying appropriately.


• This week, secondary schools continued working on 2015-16 master schedules; development continued on enhancements to scheduling screens and reports to be released in future updates.
• Master scheduling was disrupted at some sites where calendars did not load properly; the team resolved this issue quickly, allowing scheduling to continue at all schools.
• Software bugs unique to individual school sites were reported and quickly corrected.
• Although grade levels for continuing students are automatically updated for 2015-16 in MiSiS, the functionality is not yet available for matriculating (incoming) students; the team is aiming to provide this capability in an upcoming release.

Student Testing

• MiSiS now includes a California Standards Test (CST) coding roster, providing the information schools need to hand-code answer sheets that are not pre-populated; the roster has sorting capabilities, including the ability to sort by classroom.
• A technical glitch caused an error message to appear as schools were reviewing the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) Make-up screen; the Student Testing Branch extended the deadline to register students to take the CAHSEE in May to accommodate for any confusion caused by the error.

Upcoming Milestones

• April 1 – Schools Evaluate Teaching Assignment Needs for 2015-16
• April 1 – Transcript Deadline for University of California Campuses
• April 1 –Teachers apply online for summer school positions
• April 9 – Beginning of the Testing Window for the California Standards Test for Science
• April 23 – Beginning of the Secondary 15-Week Grading Period
• April 24 – Results mailed for California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE)