Superintendent's Weekly Update: MiSiS

Friday, March 20, 2015

This week, the MiSIS team completed updates that are critical for supporting master scheduling, a process that is necessary to place every student on the path to success. Thanks to months of intense work with our educational service centers and multiple full-day focus groups with school employees, MiSiS now includes features that more fully support this intricate process. Schools are able to import schedules from last fall, or they can choose to build completely new master schedules.

As we continue to engage MiSiS users in the development process, we have consistently heard that face-to-face training opportunities are needed. Accordingly, the team is offering additional courses where participants can learn about new features in MiSiS and get hands-on practice without affecting any live student data. Employees can learn more about course offerings at

By continuing to engage our educators in ongoing efforts to improve MiSiS, we will achieve our goal to provide the system we need to support students.

Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines

Key Updates and Highlights

• With approved instructional calendars now in place, schools can begin the master scheduling process for the 2015-2016 school year. Schools can choose to create a completely new master schedule or to import a copy of the master schedule from fall 2014 into the master schedule for fall 2015 using the import button. Visit to find the Master Schedule Building User Guide, flowcharts, and additional resources related to master scheduling.

• Updates were made to the Mass Request Editor, enabling users to add multiple courses for students (rather than one-by-one), and to the Student Request Not Scheduled Report, including columns for graduation year and special education status as well the ability to run the report for co-located magnet centers.

Grades and Graduation Standards
• Over 10,000 teachers have submitted grades for 240,000 secondary students thus far during the 10-week secondary grading window.

• 2015 Individualized Graduation Plan (IGP) reports are now available.

• The LAUSD Course Guidelines are reflecting accurately in the MiSiS Transcript Report; courses are receiving accurate credits and displaying appropriately.

• As a result of the recent Transcript Review Process, we now have the tools to pinpoint the source of any inaccuracies—whether it b
e a technical or procedural problem—within minutes.

• The system now promotes continuing students (those advancing within the school) in grades 6 through 11 to the next grade level for programming in the coming year. Future updates will allow users to view information for incoming students as well.

• Information this week shows that about 80% of all LAUSD schools have zero to minimal attendance backlog and are taking attendance normally for every student in every period using MiSiS. The MiSiS team continues to coordinate with educational service centers, fiscal specialists, field technicians, and Pupil Services, to provide support as necessary to schools still working to reduce their backlog.

Student Testing

• MiSiS now includes a functioning California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) make-up screen, allowing schools to identify students who missed the February and March CAHSEE administrations and schedule them to take the test in May.

Ad Hoc Reporting

• The MiSiS Explorer now includes service learning credits and computer literacy as attributes to include in custom reports showing student progress toward graduation.
English Learners
• Following a recent system upgrade, grade levels for some continuing students are displaying incorrectly in English Learner Rosters, Mass Reclassification screens, and reclassification letters and labels; the team is working to correct this problem as soon as possible.

Upcoming Milestones
• March 20 – End of the Secondary 10-week Grading Period
• March 21 – Testing Date for the California High School Proficiency Exam
• March 23 – Spring rollover for Schools with 4x4 Schedules and 10-Week Term Classes
• April 1 – Schools Evaluate Teaching Assignment Needs for 2015-16
• April 1 – Annual Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Survey
• April 1 – Transcript Deadline for University of California Campuses
• April 9 – Beginning of the Testing Window for the California Standards Test for Science
• April 23 – Beginning of the Secondary 15-Week Grading Period