Giving Schools a Report Card

LOS ANGELES (March 18, 2015) –The Los Angeles Unified School District asks students, parents, guardians and school staff to rate schools through a new poll.

The School Experience Survey asks important questions about school quality, such as: what opportunities do students have to be leaders at their school; how welcoming and collaborative is the environment; how clean and safe is the campus.

The deadline for responding to the survey is April 10, and the District hopes for total participation.

L.A. Unified measures its performance against previous surveys, which have taken place for seven years. In addition, the information helps mark the District’s progress toward federal goals.

Students will take home a survey for their parents or guardians, who also can complete the form online at Staff and students will take the survey at school.

For more information, please contact the school, or call the School Report Card team by phone at (213) 241-5600 or by email at


Contact: Daryl Strickland (213) 241-6766

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