Superintendent's Weekly Update: MiSiS

When we talk about providing the tools we need to support our students, we are talking about all of our students. This week, the MiSiS team made important strides in facilitating the process to move our English Learner students toward English proficiency. In close partnership with the Multilingual and Multicultural Education Department, the team has worked diligently to configure the system to support all aspects of the English Learner reclassification process. Thanks to their efforts, MiSiS now provides the tools needed to identify and reclassify all eligible English Learners as well as to produce labels and notification letters to parents.

Earlier this week, the system indicated that there were approximately 10,000 English Learners in the District who were eligible to reclassify. I was pleased to hear reports that schools have already reclassified about 40% of those students in MiSiS. This information shows us how thousands of our hard-working students are advancing to new levels in their education, bringing them more opportunities.

We still have a long road ahead of us to complete the MiSiS project, and we may not always agree on priorities. However, I think we can all agree that if we are getting better at serving every student every day, then we are heading in the right direction.

Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines

Key Updates and Highlights

Grades and Graduation Standards

• Teachers submitted over seven million grades for elementary students during the recent window, a number that is on target for this period.
• Updates were made to secondary report cards ensuring that they provide accurate grade point average (GPA) information.
English Learners
• Schools can now use MiSiS to identify all English Learners eligible for reclassification, to reclassify those students, and to print official reclassification letters and labels. Rosters this week showed that approximately 10,000 English Learners were eligible for reclassification; roughly 40% of those students have already been reclassified by schools in MiSiS.

• Thanks to the diligent work of our schools, the educational service centers, fiscal specialists, field technicians, and Pupil Services staff, the backlog in attendance data has been reduced by approximately 40% across the District this month. About 700 schools currently have minimal to zero backlog and are taking attendance every day, every period, for every student.
• The team is implementing a plan to provide additional support to a small number of schools where a high attendance backlog remains.

• With Board approval of the instructional calendars for 2015-16, the team is moving forward with incorporating these dates into the system and opening the 2015-16 master scheduling calendar. When the work is completed, schools will have the option to build a master schedule from scratch or to import a copy of the previous fall master schedule. The team is currently working on the new-year enrollment process, supporting promotion of continuing students into the future-year calendar.
• Starting at noon today (March 13), employees can use the Learning Zone ( to register for a new training course that includes the latest master scheduling functionality.

Upcoming Milestones
• March 12-20 – The 10-week reporting window is open for inputting secondary marks.
• March 12-20 – Mid-term for spring—most summer school enrollment begins during this period.
• March 15 – Master schedules for elementary schools roll over from fall to spring.
• March 17 & 18 – The March California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) is administered.