We Are L.A. Unified

Thanks to second-year kindergarten teacher, Grace Cecilio, a 12- member spirit squad has taken over at Virginia Road Elementary School.

Once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader, Cecilio brought her own brand of “cheeriness” to Virginia Road by starting a squad that includes one boy who is the designated “yell leader.” Students perform during assemblies, spelling bee contests and parent activities.

Tryouts are based on grades. Many students’ marks risen with their school spirit.

Cecilio is so committed to ensuring the squad’s success that she recently bought the members uniforms, adorned with the school colors.

“Grace has brought a commitment to students and an elevated state of excellence to our school community, that is simply contagious,” said Davita Mc Cauley principal of Virginia Road Elementary. “She is a true asset, a true educator across the LAUSD. “

--Monica Carazo

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