Statement from Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines Regarding Funding Technology for Students

Amplifying remarks he issued earlier, Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines told reporters today that he does not believe the District has the funds to pay for technology for every student.

“As I have stated before publically, we are committed to providing technology to our children—whether it be desktop computer labs, laptops or tablets—to help prepare them for the 21st century,” Cortines said. “However, as we are reviewing our lessons learned, there must be a balanced approach to spending bond dollars to buy technology when there are so many brick and mortar and other critical facility needs that must be met.

“I do think we will need to identify alternative ongoing resources to fund the curriculum that is pre-loaded on some of the devices, which of course is why I believe that currently the District does not have sufficient funds to purchase and maintain technology in a 1:1 model. We must also consider the issue of replacing the devices, along with offering professional development to help teachers infuse technology into their class lessons. We must think and act for the long term.”


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