News Statement: District's Response to UTLA Protest from Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines

Feb. 12, 2015

Superintendent Ramon Cortines made a comment about the protest from the United Teachers Los Angeles, the union representing the District's school teachers.

The District’s most recent offer of a 5 percent pay raise retroactive to July 1, 2014 for teachers and other members of UTLA, is very comparable to other districts across California. Also, salaries for beginning teachers would be increased to $50,000 and an additional $13 million, totaling $26 million, would be used to reduce class sizes so teachers would have fewer students.
We are making progress, but increasing the offer could result in reduction in services to students and layoffs, across the board, throughout the District. I respect the teachers’ point of view but I want them to know that LAUSD has been in a negative financial situation for several years. We are in recovery mode from the Great Recession and at the same time, responding to declining enrollment, among other factors. We are working to develop a budget that treats employees equitably.
Negotiations are scheduled today with UTLA.  We prefer to negotiate at the table. I’m hopeful we can make some progress.

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