1/26/15 - HS: Ethnic Studies - Graduation Requirement

In preparation for next year’s master schedule, please be aware that Board Resolution (Res-023-14/15) - Supporting Ethnic Studies in the Los Angeles Unified School District, was passed on October 14, 2014. This resolution requires the District to adopt ethnic studies as a graduation requirement beginning, with the class of 2019.  A task force is being formed that will provide recommendations to the superintendent and the school board on the implementation of this new requirement.

 In order to be proactive in preparing students to meet this requirement, we are suggesting that schools review the attached list of courses and include one or more of these course offerings for the incoming class of 2019 students. Please take into consideration how this course will fit into your school’s course of study and your overall master schedule.


More information regarding this requirement will be detailed in forthcoming policy documents.

Source: Gerardo Loera, Chief Academic Officer