Superintendent's Weekly Update: MiSiS

I have often said how much I appreciate the efforts of our employees who go above and beyond every single day to do what is right for our students. This week, I’d like to spend some time recognizing some of those employees.

During the opening week of the semester, more than 60 technical specialists traveled to schools to provide MiSiS support. One of those specialists was Mr. Gregory Lewis, Jr., who visited Chapman Elementary School and made sure technology was functioning so that every teacher could take attendance, print reports, and perform other critical tasks. Mr. Lewis exemplifies the many dedicated employees who are on the ground every day providing direct assistance to schools.

I also want to acknowledge all of the administrators who share constructive feedback on what is working well and where we need to improve. This week, Dr. Emmanuel Annor, the Principal of Chapman Elementary School, took the time to send me a thoughtful message about the tremendous value that Mr. Lewis’ visit provided to his school. I greatly appreciate and encourage this type of open communication, which is critical for continuous improvement within the District.

We need to do more to support all of these people who are working so hard for our students. The District is exploring ways to increase staffing resources for the MiSiS team so that schools have the tools they need to meet upcoming milestones, including summer school enrollment and master scheduling for the 2015-16 year.

Through continued collaboration, we can achieve our goal to graduate every student college-prepared and career-ready.

Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines

Key Updates and Highlights

• Our team continues to address the tremendous backlog of attendance data that must be entered into MiSiS in order to claim critical revenue for the District; our schools are reminded to submit attendance daily in alignment with District Policy.

English Learners
• We completed printing formal notification letters for all students who reclassified in 2013-14. The letters have been sent to schools through District mail with instructions for properly notifying the students’ families.
• Reclassification notices for 2014-15 is on track to begin in early February. Schools should continue to monitor student progress and ensure correct placement.

Enrollment/Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

• The team is preparing a report that will provide accurate information on student eligibility for GATE and other programs to parents/guardians in time for spring enrollment; the anticipated release date is early February.

Graduation Standards
• We are on track to provide comprehensive graduation progress reports in February. Currently, student marks from the Fall 2014 Semester are the only data not directly accessible from reports.

• The scheduling team is working on enhancements gathered from focus groups to prepare for the 2015-16 school year. This includes screen changes, report updates, and training plans.

Upcoming Milestones
• February 1 – Graduation standards for matriculation activities
• February 1 – Five-week grades for secondary schools
• February 1 – Physical fitness testing
• February 3 – California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) administration
• February 19 – Second reporting period for elementary grades
• March 1 – Master scheduling for 2015-16 begins