LAUSD Increases Compensation Offer to UTLA

LOS ANGELES (Jan. 14, 2015) - Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget for 2015-16 has enabled the Los Angeles Unified School District to increase its latest compensation offer to the United Teachers Los Angeles. The governor’s plan, announced last week, also lowers the District’s projected 2015-16 budget deficit from $321 million to $88 million. 

For 2014-15, L.A. Unified has offered a 4 percent on-schedule, ongoing salary increase to each step of the current base salary tables. The District also proposes the equivalent of four additional workdays for professional development activities, providing additional earnings equivalent to approximately 2 percent of annual salary.  

The proposal would be implemented as soon as practical, following adoption by both parties. It would apply retroactively to July 1, 2014.

The District urges that the salary package offer be agreed upon immediately, and implemented without delay, rather than waiting for resolution of the many remaining non-salary items. Those other items would be discussed in ongoing negotiations, along with salary adjustments for 2015-16 and 2016-17. 

The augmented state funding will also enable the District to preserve funding of reduced class sizes, and to retain the adult and early education programs, while continuing to fund the medical benefits packages, and payment of annual step increases.

The District again proposed a committee on evaluations to review current practices and efficiencies, trying to reach potential solutions on the current evaluation process. The District also proposed revising the overall evaluation ratings to reflect a minimum of three levels of professional achievement. Currently, there are only two final evaluation rankings. 

Superintendent Cortines observed negotiations and noted, “We are all grateful for the additional state funding to support salaries and to preserve jobs and services.  I was impressed by the professional tone evident at the bargaining table and pleased that the parties are meeting again next week.”

The District is scheduled to next meet with UTLA on January 22.                                                                                                   

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