Message from Superintendent Cortines on Governor’s 2015-16 Budget Proposal

Dear LAUSD Employees:

We appreciate Governor Jerry Brown’s call for real prudence in facing the 2015-16 budget. At the same time, we are grateful that the Governor acknowledges with this budget proposal the value of public education in California.

Regarding the Los Angeles Unified School District, today’s proposal does offer an opportunity to close the more than $300 million deficit that we anticipate in 2015-16. This will get us closer to our goal of limiting the number of Reduction-in-Force notices that will need to be sent to employees.

Below are some highlights of today’s announcement:
  1. As we have advocated, the State is promising to protect current eligible adult education programs for the 2015-16 school year as all school districts and community colleges transition to the new consortium-funding model. This new commitment allows us to reduce the deficit and maintain some programs we had expected to lose.
  2. Governor Brown has proposed to further expedite the implementation of the Local Control Funding Formula, which means we will invest more on highest-needs students.
  3. Schools across California are set to receive one-time funds which can be used to support a variety of purposes.
Our investments have netted educational gains for our students over the last several years. We will continue to work to meet our students' needs, as well as, our legal responsibility to balance the District’s budget. Collaboratively, I am certain that we can and we will provide the necessary educational support every student deserves.


Ramon C. Cortines

Ramon C. Cortines