Superintendent's Weekly Update: MiSiS

Friday, Dec. 19

I will continue to send a weekly update every Friday that highlights the top issues and upcoming milestones being addressed by the MiSiS team.

As our schools prepare for winter break, we continue to have a great deal of work ahead of us to provide educators with the tools they need to help students succeed. According to this week’s reports, rollover of classes from fall to spring has been completed at 96 percent of our secondary schools. We are working with sites to ensure that every single student is placed in the right classroom—on Day One—ready to learn.

The MiSiS team is keeping a very close watch to ensure that any visible slowdown in performance is addressed immediately. The system must run consistently so that employees can adequately serve our students at all times.

By noon today, secondary schools had entered more than 1.6 million grades successfully, which represents 94% of all secondary grades we expect to be entered. Despite intermittent technical challenges with entering grades and report generation this week, secondary schools are on track to submit all of their grades by midnight tonight.

This will be the last weekly update on MiSiS for 2014. Please enjoy time with friends and family this season and have a safe and Happy New Year.

Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines

Top Issues Being Addressed

State Reporting
• The District is on track to provide attendance data for the first reporting period (P1), due January 8, 2015.
• At this time, schools will not be required to print and submit their statistical reports for months one through four; statistical reports will be run centrally.
English Learners
• All data for students who were eligible to reclassify during the 2013-14 school year are now reflected accurately in MiSiS.

• Final marks for the Fall 2014 Semester are being posted to Transcripts. High school seniors will have updated documents to submit with college applications.
• The team is working to resolve issues with transcripts, including grade-ranking calculations, Out of District course entry, and sorting functions on the Transcript History page.

Master Scheduling
• The team is diligently working to resolve bugs in scheduling reports and programs, including the Class Enrollment Report, Sections Editor, Mass Request Editor, Student Section, Walk-in Scheduler, Submit button, Commit button, and the Manage Course Section screen.

Upcoming Milestones

• MiSiS will be unavailable on Monday, December 22 from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM for maintenance.
• The spring semester will begin on January 12, 2015.