We Are L.A. Unified

In Luis Herrero’s math class at Virgil Middle School, students might be assembling cars from Legos.  Don’t be alarmed; this is not playtime.   

Rather, it’s an exercise in math equations. Students race their Legomobiles to illustrate rates of change. “I try to make math relevant, and as engaging as possible,” Herrero said.

During his 15-year tenure, Herrero has become a teaching leader. He’s working with colleagues to create math lessons that use Common Core standards, which is designed to help students learn a common set of skills.

He’s also figuring how to integrate gadgets of modern life – such as smartphones – into his lesson plans. “I’m finding a bridge between what I’m teaching and the technology students already have,” said Herrero, who keeps 30-plus iPads in the classroom for students’ use.

Growing up in Mexico, Herrero said math was easy for him to learn. He enjoys teaching students and is happy to be at Virgil. “I love the interaction with my students, and I love the interaction with my peers.”


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