Superintendent's Weekly Update: MiSiS

Friday, December 12, 2014

I will send a weekly update every Friday that highlights the top issues being addressed by the MiSiS team and the upcoming milestones.

This week, the Board approved additional funding that will allow us to begin to resolve the issues our schools are facing with MiSiS. I only asked for enough funding to take us through to mid-February to ensure we are being prudent with our limited resources.

While I still feel it will take a year to resolve the issues with MiSiS, we are beginning to see evidence that the system is stabilizing. In addition, we have reorganized the project team into five sub-teams, tasked with addressing the issues our schools have identified as top priorities. These refinements will more effectively link project activities to school needs, moving us away from a culture of crisis management towards one that is forward thinking. Finally, we are ensuring that school users are involved in more focus groups and are part of each of the five teams.

As a reminder, our secondary schools are submitting grades next week. Please do not hesitate to contact the help desk if you have any issues with this process.
As many of you head into the last week of school before winter break, I want to thank you for your hard work, commitment and dedication to the students of LAUSD.

Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines

Top Issues Being Addressed

• There is a known issue with the Attendance Not Submitted Report. Although teachers are taking and submitting attendance, when the report is run, it appears that attendance has not been taken. Individual student attendance is accurate when viewed. This is being worked on. Teachers do not need to take attendance more than once for the class.

• Central teams continue to work diligently to enable schools to generate statistical reports before leaving for Winter Break. Although there has been a lot of progress in data cleansing and bug fixes, the reports are not yet ready for schools to run. Therefore, at this time, schools will not be required to print and submit their statistical reports for months 1 thru 4. Instead, we request your cooperation in increasing the accuracy and completeness of your statistical reports by addressing the issues of Attendance Not Submitted and overlapping enrollments. Fiscal Specialists have reached out to schools impacted by these issues. If you need assistance, please inform your Fiscal Specialist.

• For the First Period (P1) State reporting in January, Central Office will gather the data electronically to obtain an estimate of the District’s ADA (Average Daily Attendance). Statistical reports previously generated by school sites form Months 1-4 will be replaced by the system generated reports.

• Schools will be notified when they will be excepted to generate statistical report for State reporting in April and July

• Ranking is being calculated by grade, but it should be calculated by “class of”.

• Algebra 1 for the fall semester A course is showing 5 credits on the Transcript. It should be 0 credits.
If you are still experiencing issues with transcripts, please contact the Transcript Hot Line at (213) 241-2034.

Master Schedule – Second Semester Rollover
• The Student Section Report should include a multi-select option for school terms, including off-site sections.

• The Student Schedule Summary report should include a multi-select option for school terms, including off-site sections

• Scheduling user interface should respect the active flag in student section enrollment to avoid errors

• Updating staff for a section overwrites all staff changes for the section with the latest change on
Manage Course Section screen

• Staff start date needs to save the user selected date on Section Editor

• Filters should be added for Course Name and Period. The Department filter should be enabled.

• The submit button is not enabled when conflicting sections are removed from the screen.

• When running reports at schools with Magnet Centers, reports should give the option to run for magnet only.

• The School Courses report should mirror the School Courses screen.

• Exceptions should show under the Error tab in the Schedule Scenario Details section.

• The count in Section Assignment screens should exclude the students who don't belong to the same school or schools on campus.

• The Mass Request Editor should correctly reflect the request counts for students that are actively enrolled at the schools.

• The Commit button on the Schedule scenario grid does not bring up the Commit popup screen.

• An “Unknown Violation” error has appeared in the Student Section when trying to commit.

• Sections with no period, staff, room, etc. are being created. This should not be happening.

• Schools can't change a teacher back to a previous course.

• Staff start date should save when the user selects the date in Sections Editor.

• Updating staff for a section overwrites all staff changes for the section. The latest change appears on the Manage Course Section screen

• While updating the section, Save fails because of overlapping Section enrollment records.

English Learners
• The Parental Exception Waiver Screen (MiSiS) previously known as the Parent Waiver/Request screen is now available. The information from the waiver paper copy should be used to enter the waiver information into the MiSiS screen. Due to CALPADS data collection requirements, all waivers must be entered no later than 3:00pm on Friday, December 12th. If you have any questions please contact your ESC EL Programs Coordinator or the Dual Language Department/MMED office at (213) 241-5582.
For directions on entering waiver information, click on this link.

Upcoming Milestones
• Schools will have until December 12 at 3:00 to enter required Parental Waiver information.

• Schools have until December 15 to verify the data for course enrollment information.

• Final grades for secondary students are due on December 19 for the first semester.