Employees: Being Cyber Safe During the Holidays

Dear LAUSD employee:
The Information Technology Division (ITD) prides itself on providing the best security protocols to protect our students’ and fellow employees’ information. In addition to the strong defenses we have put in place, you play a vital role as a user in safeguarding our information.
Phishing—as some of you may know—is a form of e-mail fraud in which cybercriminals send out legitimate-looking emails for illegitimate purposes (for example: to gather personal and/or financial information, infecting the recipient’s computer with malware or viruses, or using someone else’s account to distribute additional fraudulent messages). Unfortunately, this type of practice is on the rise, and large organizations like LAUSD are prime targets, especially around the holidays.
Keeping the following in mind will help safeguard your information, your computer, and the District’s data:
  • The District’s IT Division will never ask you for your username or password through email. This is an act that should not be trusted.
  • If you don’t recognize the source of the email (the address in the sender/from line), don’t respond or interact with it.
  • Do not click links in emails if you don’t recognize the web address that appears above it when you roll your mouse or cursor over it.
  • To be on the safe side, avoid clicking any links in emails altogether. Instead, open a new Internet browser window and type in the full name of the trusted address, and navigate from there.

Remember that you are an active gatekeeper for IT security in the District. Only with your awareness and constant vigilance will we be able to keep our District’s data properly secured.
Have a safe and happy holiday season!
IT Security
Los Angeles Unified School District
http://achieve.lausd.net/emailsafety Source: Information Technology Division (ITD)