L.A. Unified Expands Career Ladder Program

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education directed the superintendent to expand the Career Ladder program, which helps talented instructional aides, teacher assistants, special education assistants and trainees obtain teaching credentials. 

Co-sponsored by Board Member Mónica García and Board Vice President Steve Zimmer, the resolution, which was approved unanimously, expands the program by 300 participants, beginning next July 1. The resolution specifically names para-educators, who include teacher aides or assistants, one-on-one tutors, bilingual/bicultural school home assistants and educational assistants. 

“The state has faced a steep decline in the number of people enrolled in teacher preparation programs,” which translates into fewer and fewer strong teaching prospects available for hire,” Zimmer said. “This is how we build the next generation of teachers and of leaders, and who our teachers are matters. It is just as important to know your student as it is to know your subject and nothing, nothing is as important as shared experience.”  

“Our goal of 100% graduation is clear,” said Board Member García. “Today, we strengthen our Career Ladder program to ensure a pathway for individuals that want to elevate the teaching profession. We continue to welcome and nurture effective educators that help make our student-focused goal a reality.”

Through the Career Ladder program, teachers are certified to the highest standard, whether they are recent high school graduates, community members, early education providers, or active parent volunteers from low-income communities. 


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