Superintendent's Weekly Update: MiSiS

Every Friday, I will send a weekly update that highlights the top issues being addressed by the MiSiS team and the upcoming milestones.

While we still have a lot of work to be done to ensure MiSiS meets the needs of our schools, I would like to take a moment to highlight some of the progress we are making.

Focus Groups – During the last week of November, while schools were on vacation, school site employees met with our technical team to review the needs of schools for scheduling, transcripts, and graduation requirements. The sessions provided an opportunity where experts from the field were able to speak directly and openly with project team members about challenges, priorities, and feasible solutions concerning the focal topic areas. The team is looking forward to completing this practice for all other areas of MiSiS. Participants will also be involved in ongoing system testing to ensure that fixes and other updates are working as needed for all users.

Transcripts – Two major issues have now been resolved. Students who have passed Algebra B in Middle School with a Grade of A, B, or C and have passed the end of course or are proficient or above on the CST are now receiving accurate credits. Students who retake a class and receive a higher grade are only getting credit one time, and both grades will display on the transcript.

Technology Advisory Committees – On Monday, we will have our second technology advisory committee with our collective bargaining partners. In addition, we have had regular calls with technology experts from across the state and country. We also had a team of representatives from the US Department of Education visit us this week. Their feedback and support was extremely valuable. We will be establish an ongoing technology advisory committee that will continue to provide objective feedback on our major technology initiatives.
I appreciate your efforts on behalf of all of our students and families.

Superintendent Ramon C. Cortines

Top Issues Being Addressed


• The official transcript does not print with an embossing statement when it is converted into a PDF.
• There have been some GPA discrepancies reported between MyData and MiSiS. These errors will be researched.
If you are still experiencing issues with transcripts, please contact the help desk at (213) 241-5200, Option 5.

Master Schedule – Second Semester Rollover
• Sections with no period, staff, room, etc. are being created. This should not be happening.
• Schools can't change a teacher back to a previous course.
• Staff start date should save when the user selected the date in Sections Editor.
• Updating staff for a section overwrites all staff changes for the section. The latest change appears on the Manage Course Section screen
• While updating the section, Save fails because of overlapping Section enrollment records.
• Master Scheduling-The Concurrent Term editor is showing an incorrect number of sections of Central Continuation Courses.
• The drop down menu for staff names only loads after clicking on the arrows in the dropdown when using Manage Course Section.

Attendance/Statistical Reports
• The team continues to work on the statistical reports. Central teams are reaching out to impacted schools to resolve this issue. Schools should not send statistical reports in at this time.

English Learners
• Currently RFEP letters and RFEP Monitoring rosters are displaying inaccurate information. MMED is working with MiSiS to correct and update the data and information displayed on these reports. We realize that these reports assist schools with monitoring the progress of reclassified students, therefore we are working on expediting the process. Although these reports are currently unavailable, please continue to monitor and document progress as required by Ed. Code. We will inform you as soon as these reports are available for use.

Fall Survey
• The MiSiS reclassification functionality is not available to schools yet.
Upcoming Milestones
• MiSiS will be down for maintenance the weekend of December 6 and 7.
• Schools will have until December 15 to enter required Parental Waiver information.
• Schools have until December 15 to verify the data for course enrollment information.
• Final grades for secondary students are due on December 19 for the first semester.