Statement By Los Angeles Unified School District's General Counsel David Holmquist Regarding Keith Wyatt

The Los Angeles Unified School District’s General Counsel Dave Holmquist announced that the school district is removing W. Keith Wyatt from any school district legal matters. The decision is a result of inappropriate comments that were recently made to the media by Mr. Wyatt.
The following is a statement from Dave Holmquist, general counsel for the school district, regarding the decision:
“Our deepest apologies go out to the young woman and her family, who were hurt by the insensitive remarks of Mr. Wyatt. As a school district building and maintaining a strong sense of mutual trust with our students and their families is at the core of being able to provide a safe and productive learning environment. We are very proud of the relationships we have with the children and families we serve.
“Mr. Wyatt’s comments yesterday were completely inappropriate, and they undermine the spirit of the environment we strive to offer our students every day. This spirit drives more than just our actions in the classroom, it defines how we approach all of our work—especially the way we discuss and handle the sensitive litigation matters that we deal with. These comments were a total violation of that spirit. Respect and empathy must be at the core of how we approach these cases, and Mr. Wyatt’s remarks did not reflect that commitment.”

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