New Technology Advisory Committee Hosts First Meeting

The committee strives to foster and strengthen relationships with our labor partners, community members and other representatives across the District to better inform our work through continued collaboration.

The committee is comprised of appointed representatives from the various certificated and classified bargaining units, central office administration well as parent and student representatives. Other members of the committee will be staff from the Information Technology Division, the Budget Services and Financial Planning Division and the Office of Curriculum and Instruction to provide regular support.

Committee members will provide important perspective as the District moves forward with various technology projects and programs at our schools.

Superintendent Ramon Cortines started the meeting by saying "We need to listen to the people that use the data and the community." He also stated that, "we need to be constructively critical of what we are doing and the District won't do things in isolation anymore."

Rosa Trujillo, principal and committee representative, emphasized the need for the committee to "discuss the real priorities for the school sites."

Technology is an important, powerful tool to be used by our students as we prepare ALL of our students for college, career and life in the 21st century. By hearing from these collective voices at the table, the District will make better, informed decisions to help shape how we use technology – from our schools to our central offices, ultimately creating a better future for our students.

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