Statement by Los Angeles Unified School District’s Office of General Counsel Regarding Immigration Status

LOS ANGELES (Oct. 22, 2014) — Lawyers representing the Los Angeles Unified School District withdrew opposition to two motions made by plaintiffs’ counsel regarding immigration status of plaintiffs in civil litigation arising from misconduct by a former Miramonte Elementary School teacher. The school district has consistently stated that it had no intention of raising immigration status in this case—unless it was brought up by plaintiffs’ counsel—and the withdrawal of these motions reaffirmed that position.

The following is a statement from Sean Rossall, a spokesperson for the school district’s office of general counsel and outside attorneys representing the school district, regarding the withdrawal:

“Los Angeles Unified School District has been a consistent leader in defending the rights of students to a quality education, regardless of immigration status. Earlier this year, the school board took a strong and unanimous position to encourage federal immigration reform and to add stronger protections for unaccompanied and undocumented minors. Furthermore, the school district has a long track record of leadership in expanding English learning programs, publicly denouncing laws that discriminate based on legal status and ensuring that children who have been sent into the U.S. without their parents have access to the quality education every child deserves. This includes opening our classrooms to thousands of children who have crossed the border from Central and South America this year. It has been our consistent position that immigration status is neither an issue that should be a part of this litigation, nor is it an issue that we sought to bring up.”

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