Labor Relations & UTLA Meeting Focuses on Restorative Justice Program

The two groups met surrounded by motivational posters that the District uses to create a positive and safe school environment for our students, which includes Restorative Justice, an approach that builds community and resolves student interpersonal conflict by getting to the root cause of an issue and repairing harm through respectful dialogue.

During their conversation, the Labor Relations team updated UTLA leadership on the program that was introduced in schools starting in 2013.  This program was adopted by the Board of Education to further our commitment to creating safe, supportive school environments. Since then, the District has been hard at work transforming our discipline policies to build safe, respectful, positive school cultures through mutual respect and cooperation. The District has created informational tools for schools to use within their school communities such as flyers, suggested activities, handouts and even a video!

Another part of the program is the expansion of the School Wide Positive Behavior Intervention Support Task Force.  While interested teachers have been serving on the committee, District representatives proposed that UTLA actively participate in this work by identifying representatives to join the task force that has contributed so much to the design and implementation of the program.

The District also shared with UTLA the preliminary calculations of the budgetary impact of UTLA’s recent 10% salary proposal.  UTLA’s salary proposals when combined with other current projected budget deficits, brings the three-year impact of UTLA’s package to at least $1.35 billion in budget reductions to pay for the 10% on-schedule salary increase and a $1,000 stipend. These figures do not yet include the two additional portions of UTLA’s salary proposal related to an early retirement incentive and paid professional development.

The next bargaining session is scheduled for October 22, 2014.

See below for a list of resources on what the District has already implemented to ensure our schools are safe, supportive learning environments for all students. Click on each to download resources.

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