LAUSD Teacher Awarded Engineering Scholarship

LOS ANGELES (Oct. 6, 2014) - Parrish Higa from Broadous Elementary Math/Science and Technology Magnet in Pacoima has been awarded a Raytheon-Engineering is Elementary® (EiE) Teacher Scholarship.
Higa, a magnet coordinator, attended a workshop and received $2,500 to help implement the innovative engineering curriculum at his school.
The lessons target students in the second, third and fourth grades.
“I think it’s a great opportunity for our students to get to the forefront of working with the next generation of science standards,” Higa said. “I want my students to see possibilities and to start making connections in the real world, and to realize future possibilities of what they can achieve.”

He is one of 31 teachers across the nation who received the scholarship.
His principal, Linda Ariyasu, is proud of him. “He’s an excellent teacher. Mr. Higa has a genuine love for learning. He’s always looking for innovative ways to engage students in a rigorous learning experience. He found out about this scholarship on his own and as usual, succeeded.”
She added, “He’s a self-starter and is always interested to find ways to motivate his students.”
Developed at the Museum of Science, Boston, the curriculum helps elementary school educators and their students learn more about engineering and technology concepts. It also supports science learning through professional development workshops and additional resources.

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