Graduation Rates in L.A. Unified Continue to Improve

LOS ANGELES (Oct. 3, 2014) - The Los Angeles Unified School District recorded a 77 percent preliminary graduation rate for 2013-14, an increase of 12 percentage points over the previous preliminary figure of 65 percent from a year earlier.
“This is a historic high for L. A. Unified.  The preliminary rate does not factor in students who completed their requirements in summer school, and have also graduated. I expect the rate to grow,” Superintendent John E. Deasy said.
He added, “I am grateful for the work that our teachers, administrators and staff have accomplished.  I am also exceedingly proud of our nearly 25,000 graduates.”
To determine the preliminary rate, first-time 9th-graders are followed over the course of four years to determine which of them graduated four years later. Students that transfer and re-enroll in other public schools in California are removed from the cohort. Students who enter LAUSD after grade 9 are added into the cohort. The preliminary graduation rate includes comprehensive high schools only, not option schools.
There were approximately 2,000 fewer first time 9th graders in the Class of 2014 cohort than the Class of 2013 cohort. The graduation rate is based on data collected by the end of June, and is expected to grow based on corrections and the number of students who received their diplomas after successfully completing summer school.  Additional results will be analyzed by the end of this year.  The state will release final graduation rates in the spring of 2015 that include students in comprehensive high schools and option schools.
Since 2010-11, this preliminary graduation rate has been used for reporting on the School Report Card, Performance Meter and School Performance Framework.
“We continue to move closer to our goal:  All students graduating college-ready and career-prepared,” the superintendent said.  “The results keep getting better and better.”

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