L.A. Unified and Teachers Union Meet Again

LOS ANGELES - On October 2, 2014, the Los Angeles Unified School District made a proposal to UTLA that would significantly enhance parent decision-making powers at LAUSD campuses. 
The District has proposed changing the composition of the Local School Leadership Councils to match that of the School Site Councils.
Almost all LAUSD schools have two local governance councils with different but often overlapping responsibilities. The School Site Council has purview over significant amounts of Federal categorical funds, and is governed by a council of which parents and community members comprise half of the membership. In contrast, the other council (the Local School Leadership Council) governs employee training, student schedules and designated local budgetary matters, and is governed by a council in which parent and community representatives comprise only 1/3 of the membership. In recognition of the essential role that parents and community members play in the success of students and schools, the District is proposing that they should comprise half of the membership of both councils.
Chief Labor Negotiator Vivian Ekchian said that dozens of school communities have requested (and have been granted) contract waivers to reconcile the membership composition of the two school councils referenced above, and the new District proposal would extend to all schools this more favorable treatment of parents and community. 
“This proposal assures clarity, consistency and coordination of effort and resources,” Ekchian said.  “It also simplifies a sometimes confusing and contradictory governance model.”  She also said that while the functions and responsibilities of the councils will remain separate, the proposal would improve focus, efficiency, communication and coordination of effort and resources. 
During the meeting, UTLA presented a variety of proposals to the District on the subjects of salaries; new class sizes; restorative justice; MISIS and charter schools.  The District is withholding comment pending analysis of the legality, cost, and feasibility of the proposals.  
The next meeting is scheduled for October 9.


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