CCTP Memo Sent to the Board of Education

Dear LAUSD family,

As your superintendent it is my responsibility to lead this school district towards our ultimate goal of graduating all students college-prepared and career-ready.

I would like to speak with you directly…especially since information can be misinterpreted or misconstrued as it makes its way through various channels.

In light of all of the questions being raised with the Common Core Technology Project (CCTP) and the rollout of the tablets and laptops, I think it is very important for me to set the record straight as there have been many false and misleading statements made public.

In a recent memo to the Board of Education, I expressed these concerns and clarified how these inaccurate statements are jeopardizing this extremely important initiative for the youth of LAUSD.

Click here to read the specifics described in the CCTP memo I sent to the Board. As employees of this District, I value keeping you informed with the full story.


John E. Deasy

Dr. John E. Deasy
Superintendent of Schools