Update: Common Core Technology Project

Superintendent John E. Deasy recently announced to the Board of Education his decision for the District to halt the continuation of our current Common Core Technology (CCTP) contract with Apple Inc., and re-open the Request for Proposal (RFP) process as we move forward with CCTP into Phase 3 and beyond.

We are in no way ending the CCTP project or changing its intent. We remain steadfast in our mission to provide every student and teacher with the technology and instruction needed to learn and thrive in today’s environment. All we are doing by re-opening the Request for Proposal (RFP) process is taking the time to pause and reflect to ensure that we select the best option for our students in this pioneering program.

But what does this mean for schools?
  • Phase 1: 47 schools have already received their tablets and will continue to use them for instructional purposes as part of the program
  • Phase 1-L: 20 high schools at eight campuses will receive laptops as part of a parallel pilot
  • Phase 2: 38 schools are divided into two groups:
    • 2-A: 11 schools will receive their tablets this year
    • 2-B: 27 schools will receive TBD devices as part of the new RFP process
  • Phase 3 and beyond: we will continue to move forward, pending approval from the Board, with devices as part of the new RFP process for Phase 2-B schools and any others in next phases
The Common Core Technology Project was designed in phases for exactly this purpose…to take the time to pause and reflect along the way. Only then can we take stock and make refinements as we continue to broaden the program to additional schools.

When we first embarked on the Common Core Technology Project we had a vision to have a device in the hands of every LAUSD student to close the Digital Divide. This is still our vision moving forward as all of our students, not some…but all, should have the same access to the learning tools they need to achieve in the 21st century.