District Officials Urge Students to Engage in Peaceful Dialogue

LOS ANGELES (Aug. 21, 2014) - Aware that students may want to discuss recent social justice issues that have occurred around the world, nationwide or locally, Los Angeles Unified Superintendent John E. Deasy has made sure that teachers and other staff are prepared.

“We encourage youth to consider issues much larger than themselves in order to learn and grow. In this instance, we want to allow our students to reflect, discuss and debate with the guidance of adults at school,” Superintendent Deasy said.

To help teachers facilitate student dialogue or lead lessons on conflict resolution, the District’s Human Relations, Diversity and Equity team has prepared an informational packet, “Engaging Students in Peaceful Dialogues about Conflict and Bias.” The goal is to help solicit questions or concerns from students while providing a neutral, safe and respectful space for constructive dialogue. Activities are included for students in elementary, middle and high school.

L.A. Unified strives to lead by example to promote pro-social dialogues and activities and to prepare our students to be international ambassadors of peace and social justice.

Click here to view the packet online.

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