LAUSD Celebrates New School Year

LOS ANGELES (Aug. 12, 2014) – Today, members of the Los Angeles Board of Education, Superintendent John E. Deasy, L.A. Unified officials and special guests celebrated the first day of school and encouraged staff, parents and students to maintain their hard work and achievements.
The morning started early in the Los Angeles Unified School District at Solano Elementary School, where guests and media toured the active construction site. Officials later joined students, parents and communities to kick off the school year at various campuses throughout the day.
“Welcome class of 2015 through 2027! We have high expectations for you and this super fabulous school year,” said Board Member Mónica García. “Parents, teachers and staff, we are counting on you to build support around each student. We embrace our roles as our sisters’ and brothers’ keepers. Thank you all for joining our movement toward 100 percent graduation.”

“As with every new school year, we continue to recognize the potential of every student,” Deasy said. “We have come a long way in achieving our highest graduation rates in history, seeing a dramatic upswing in the number of students, taking the Advanced Placement exam, and reducing suspensions by a record amount.” Deasy added, “We can graduate every single student college-and-career ready. We can say no to dropouts and yes to graduation for all. I’m excited to embark upon – and celebrate – this new school year.” 

Among the achievements in L.A. Unified from the past year:
National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) or “The Nation’s Report Card.”  Fourth-graders
in L.A. Unified improved by 4 points in reading since 2011 on the (NAEP), a rate higher than the nation.
  • Eighth-graders in L.A. Unified who are Latino, Asian, and socio-economically disadvantaged students recorded the highest gains in reading of all urban districts over the past 10 years on the tests.
  • Eighth-grade African American and Asian students in L.A. Unified had the highest gains in math since 2003, compared to other urban districts on the NAEP.
Advanced Placement
  • Despite declining enrollment, the number of students taking Advanced Placement courses and exams hit an all-time high with 48,000 tests taken in 2013-14, a 62 percent increase over the last seven years.
 Districtwide, enrollment in Grades 9-12 has declined by more than 23,000 since 2006-07, decreasing 13 percent. Yet, from 2006-07 to 2013-14:
  •  The number of unique students enrolled in AP courses increased by nearly 7,000, a 33 percent increase from 2006-07.
  •  The number of AP course offerings increased by more than 12,000, representing a 34 percent increase from 2006-07.
  • The number of AP tests taken in LAUSD increased by more than 18,000 since 2006-07, an increase of 62 percent. The 48,000 tests taken in 2013-14 were at an all-time high for the District, compared to the nearly 30,000 tests taken in 2006-07.
  • The percentage of tests with a score of 3 or above has remained constant between 39 percent and 42 percent over the past eight years.
  • Latino test takers increased by 89 percent, from nearly 16,000 in 2006-07 to 30,000 in 2013-14. The number of AP tests taken by African-American students increased by 29 percent, from 1,770 in 2006-07 to 2,290 in 2013-14.
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