Statement from L.A. Unified’s Superintendent John Deasy on the Court’s Decision to Keep Teacher Evaluations from Public Disclosure

July 24, 2014

Superintendent John Deasy's response to the California Court of Appeals' ruling against being forced to release to the public the teacher's names and their Academic Growth Over Time scores. 

I believe the court justices got it right and were correct to prevent a teacher’s name and their individual Academic Growth over Time (AGT) rating from being released to the public. This harms schools in a variety of ways.

For instance, there would be: an unhealthy comparison among teachers, breeding anger in the workplace; a barrier to recruiting quality candidates, and give teachers already here reasons to leave their job; a disruption in how children are assigned to teachers, as parents would likely battle over their child being assigned a lower-rated teacher.

Schools should operate with the public’s trust, just as other professionals do when entrusted with care. Upon boarding a flight, passengers do not have access to the pilot’s employee rating, for instance. Those traveling must place their trust in the airline’s accountability system that the pilot is not only competent, but also capable of safely flying the plane. I believe it is in the public’s best interest to grant schools a similar kind of trust when educating children.

In the interest of transparency, L.A. Unified already makes available to the public a robust amount of information. Anyone can learn ratings by school level, grade level and subject matter level. In addition, every teacher’s numerical rating can be found without knowing his or her identity. The court affirmed these methods adequately serve the public’s interest, and I could not agree more. 


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