Statement from Supt. Deasy on Steinberg Bill

May 23, 2014

“I support Senator Darrell Steinberg’s proposal to revise the current transitional kindergarten program and launch a new effort to offer a pre-kindergarten program for all low-income four year olds in California. The California Pre-Kindergarten program will provide high quality early education opportunities with teachers highly qualified to provide appropriate preschool experiences to more than 80 percent of our families in LAUSD.  Preparing our youth for kindergarten and bridging the achievement gap before it starts is critical to Los Angeles and should be a priority for this state.

"While I believe all children in California deserve access to a developmentally appropriate preschool curriculum that prepares them for success in kindergarten, the Senate’s proposal that targets students in need is consistent with goals of the Local Control Funding Formula and will assist this District’s ongoing efforts to lift students out of poverty.”

Contact: Edgar Zazueta (213) 241-7000

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