Graduation Rates at LA’s Promise Supported Schools Continue to Rise

LOS ANGELES (May 2, 2014) - According to figures released by the California Department of Education, Manual Arts Senior High School and West Adams Preparatory High School have once again surpassed the Los Angeles Unified School District’s graduation rate.

Both Manual Arts (75 percent) and West Adams (81 percent) exceeded the LAUSD’s 4-year Cohort Graduation Rate of 68 percent, improving by 6 and 1 percent respectively from the previous year. These gains continue the trend of success established at both high schools, which have witnessed increased graduation rates and outperformed the district aggregate each of the past four years.

“Congratulations to Manual Arts and West Adams for their undeniable success,” said Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent John Deasy. “The partnership between LA’s Promise and the LAUSD continues to produce results in the face of historic cuts to education.”

West Adams Preparatory High School Principal Erica Nava attributes the increase in graduation rates and a decrease in suspensions to the implementation of a positive school discipline model and creation of afterschool programs that keep students engaged in learning.

“Our popular 7 to 7 afterschool program, a rigorous curriculum, and personalized learning environment have all directly contributed to an increase in student attendance,” Principal Nava said.

“I am so proud of our schools,” said Dr. Lori Pawinski, Chief Academic Officer at LA’s Promise. “These gains are a testament to the tireless dedication and efforts of students, families, teachers, and community partners.”

Graduation rates for Hispanic and African American students also continued to outpace the state aggregate. Manual Arts (76 percent) and West Adams (82 percent) surpassed the state’s 75 percent graduation rate amongst Latinos. Manual Art’s 76 percent graduation rate amongst African American students also outperformed the state’s 68 percent aggregate.

“The success of students from traditionally underserved backgrounds is not an accident,” said Manual Arts Senior High School Principal Robert Whitman. “The strides made by our black and Latino students are the direct result of strategic investments in them, their families, and the community.”

About LA’s Promise

LA’s Promise has dramatically improved the lives of thousands of underprivileged youth in one South Los Angeles community through an ongoing partnership with schools and parents committed towards excellence in education as well as promoting the general welfare of students. Comprised of Manual Arts High School, West Adams Preparatory High School, and John Muir Middle School, LA’s Promise Neighborhood operates under a performance based contract with the Los Angeles Unified School District that transforms underperforming schools into beacons of high quality education and community hubs for struggling families, ensuring that each child graduates prepared for college and future career success.

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