Message from Superintendent Deasy: Regarding Tragic Bus Crash

LAUSD Family,

It is with a heavy heart that I share devastating news that impacts the LAUSD family and the Los Angeles community. Thursday night, students from multiple Los Angeles-area high schools were en route to a university-sponsored tour to visit Humboldt State University in Northern California when one of their buses was involved in a fatal collision.

Currently, we have been informed that 16 students from 11 LAUSD schools were on the bus involved in the crash: Banning, Carson, Chatsworth, Chavez, Dorsey, Fremont, Grant, Manual Arts, Middle College, Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools, and Wilson. Students from three local charter schools were also involved in the crash.

At this time, authorities are reporting that there have been 10 fatalities, including five students. We do not know if those students attended LAUSD schools, as there were also students who attended other school districts on the bus as well, primarily from Southern California and the Bay Area.

Led by Senior Deputy Superintendent Michelle King, the District sent a support team to the crash site area, including staff from our Student Health and Human Services, Educational Service Centers and School Operations.

The District will also be providing support at all school sites involved, as well as for students and families impacted by the accident.

Parents and guardians can call LAUSD School Mental Health at 213-241-3841, or the Humboldt School Police at 707-826-6327 for further information. The Red Cross also will be providing transportation for parents and guardians to the area.

Again, we do not know yet if the five students who perished were LAUSD students but it doesn’t matter. The lives of five college-bound students from underrepresented populations were tragically cut short.

All of these youth and their families are in our prayers.

Thank you,

Dr. John E. Deasy



LAUSD, Los Angeles School Police Association and the Friends of Safe School USA have established the LAUSD FAMILY SUPPORT FUND to aid those within the LAUSD affected by this tragedy.

For more information, please visit and click on the donation button below to make a contribution to "LAUSD FAMILY SUPPORT FUND". You can also mail a check to California Credit Union P.O. Box 29100 Glendale, CA 91209-9971 make check out to "LAUSD FAMILY SUPPORT FUND."