School Board Approves Water Conservation Efforts

LOS ANGELES (April 8, 2014) - Responding to the worst drought in decades, the Los Angeles School Board unanimously approved a resolution directing the Superintendent to step up water conservation in the District.

The motion specifically seeks a report on current efforts throughout L.A. Unified; the development of a drought awareness campaign for school communities and proclamation of “Drought Awareness Week” in October.

School Board Vice President Steve Zimmer proposed the plan. “It is so important that LAUSD highlight our efforts in water conservation and focus on ways we can do even better. And finally, I want to make sure we use our classrooms as a platform for educating our students, families, and communities about the impact of the drought and our potential to each make a difference for our environment."

Besides advocating for less consumption and smarter use of water, the resolution also calls to “teach students the challenges of living in drought conditions and the measures needed to conserve waters resources.”

To provide the resources to support instruction and offer learning activities, the Superintendent is asked to work with the District’s curriculum and instruction office; and various museums and science centers.

It’s an important message.

Principal Brad Rumble, head of Leo Politi Elementary School, said, “The very existence of our metropolis is tied directly to water. At a time of precarious drought in Southern California, we are reminded that our students must understand our relationship to the watershed and the role each of us can play in making wise choices related to our use of water.”  

The environment is important on his campus. A garden and bird-watching classes have boosted science test scores while also teaching students to appreciate nature and its resources. 

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