Nava Learning Academies Elicits Praise, Following Visit By US Education Secretary

LOS ANGELES (March 19, 2014) - Board Member Mónica García and Superintendent John Deasy praised Dr. Julian Nava Learning Academies following a visit to the campus today by U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

Today, Secretary Arne Duncan visited classrooms and sat with teachers at the Learning Academies to learn about successful strategies of opening schools and building excellence.  Secretary Duncan asked questions about achieving excellence and on how we can support and encourage teacher-led work across the District and the nation. He urged the teachers to continue leading this important work.

“How appropriate that the U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan visit Julian Nava Learning Academies, three great schools modeling what it looks like for adults to put children first,” said Board Member Mónica García. “At Nava, we celebrate our teachers and their empowerment contract, and we celebrate teachers leading our schools, building relationships and focusing on the classroom. Both the two pilot schools at Nava and Synergy Charter have staff amazingly dedicated to this neighborhood. Thank you Secretary Duncan for visiting our amazing school.”

“I am thrilled to have Board Member Mónica García join me at Nava Learning Academies, which helped create the fundamental basis where we can open up teacher-led schools. This is exactly the pride that we want to share with our Secretary today,” said Superintendent John E. Deasy. 

“We are so happy to highlight the work through the Public School Choice process and demonstrate how innovation and creativity can happen in a large urban school district,” said Hugo Carlos, principal at Nava Learning Academies Business and Technology School. “I am happy to be working with our students in the community in which I was born and raised. We work with a dedicated group of teachers, administrators and classified staff that is working together to try to create a change in this community,  and we are excited that Secretary Duncan is here to visit our schools so he can share our story in D.C.”

“It is amazing to see the nation’s education leader come to see LAUSD’s best. Nava Learning Academies is a school led by teachers and administrators who teach and work in the community where they grew up,” said Instructional Area Superintendent Tommy Chang.

“We are excited to have Secretary Arne Duncan visit our school, and we are thrilled to represent Los Angeles Unified School District,” said Tommy Welch, principal of Nava Learning Academies School of Art and Culture. “We are proud to have the opportunity to highlight innovation and change in our school because we are providing the students in South Los Angeles with the best possible education they can receive. We are honored to show the distributive leadership model in our schools and the talent of our teachers and leadership quality they bring to Nava Learning Academies.”


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