School Board Approves Resolution Honoring the Life and Legacy of Cesar E. Chavez

LOS ANGELES – Honoring the life and legacy of a true American hero, Cesar E. Chavez, who was a passionate advocate for poor farm workers, the Los Angeles School Board today unanimously approved a resolution commemorating his birthday on Monday, March 31.
Sponsored by Board Member Mónica García and co-sponsored by Board Members Mónica Ratliff and Tamar Galatzan, the measure recommends teachers to explore his nonviolent achievements and encourages students to perform community service on Cesar Chavez Day.
“Today, the LAUSD salutes the life and legacy of Cesar Chavez,” said Board Member García. “Our children will learn of the courage to fight for social justice and for our larger community.  President Obama, hear the Chavez call to make March 31, a national day of service.”
To celebrate his work and those he helped or inspired, the resolution also urged sending a message to President Obama to declare a national day of service for
Cesar E. Chavez by signing an online petition called 
During the board meeting, Mexican actor, Diego Luna, declared his support in English and Spanish. “We were inspired by his work, and everyone around him. He was a fantastic man with his great message of nonviolence.”  A clip was shown of the new movie, which he directed, titled “Cesar Chavez.”

He said, “This is a story that can inspire not just Latinos but everyone.”
In another indication of broad community support, Cristina Graham Sandoval, education director of a foundation named for him said, “Today, the Cesar Chavez Foundation, which Cesar began in the1960’s under a different name, continues aiding farm workers and many Latino and other poor working families in the communities where they live.”

She added, “Youth service contributes to academic success, reinforces civic responsibility, develops young people, builds stronger communities, and important community service is performed.”

Participant Media CEO, Jim Berk said, "As a former LAUSD teacher and principal, I applaud the Board of Education for paying tribute to the crucial role Cesar Chavez played in our nation’s history by joining our campaign with the Chavez Foundation and the United Farm Workers to declare a Cesar Chavez National Day of Service."
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