Board of Education Approves New Pilot Schools

LOS ANGELES (Jan. 14, 2014) – The Los Angeles Board of Education approved today four new pilot schools across the district, including two from Board District 2, the STEM Academy Pilot School and Nava College Preparatory Academy.

In the Los Angeles Unified School District, pilot schools are a network of public schools that have autonomy over budget, staffing, governance, curriculum and assessment, and the academic school calendar.  These autonomies allow the schools to operate with greater flexibility in order to best meet student needs.

Currently in Board District 2, there are 21 existing pilot schools out of the 48 pilot schools throughout Los Angeles Unified.  This approval will increase the number of pilot schools district wide and raise it to 22 pilot schools in Board District 2, the largest concentration of pilot schools of any other school board district.

“Welcome STEM Pilot School and Nava College Prep Academy!  We are proud to support teacher leadership in Board District 2,” said Board Member Mónica García.  “More pilot schools in our communities—mean more opportunities for our students to learn and teachers to lead.  When we support innovation in the classroom and transformation, our students win.” 

“We are excited to be serving the community by offering students a different option that could lead them into a STEM field,” stated Robert Penuela, teacher and member of the STEM Pilot School.

STEM Pilot School will inspire youth to develop 21st century skills needed to lead in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics through a rigorous academic program in conjunction with collaborative community partners.  The STEM writing team is composed of a group of teachers from Roosevelt High School.

“We are very excited to move forward with the work we have established at Dr. Julian Nava Learning Academy and continue with a culture of collaboration with our new partners to ensure the success of all students.  Our goals are to continue to build a personalized educational experience for students, to continue the partnership we have established with our parents and community members, and to allow all stakeholders to participate in the education of all students,” stated Vanessa Canales, 8th Grade English Teacher and member of the Nava College Preparatory Academy writing team.

The Nava College Prep Academy will ensure a high quality education, by providing a curriculum program that is designed to equip all students with high rigor, sufficient knowledge, and skills to succeed in entry-­level, credit bearing college courses, or pathway-­ oriented careers.  Its writing team is composed of teachers from the Nava Learning Academy in Board District 2.


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