Message from Superintendent Deasy to All Employees: Regarding Mark Berndt Miramonte Plea Deal

I want to share with you the comments I made to the media: click here for my comments and click here to watch the video.

My heartfelt apology is offered to all of us for the pain that we have endured these last two years. Day in and day out, you work diligently to teach, lead and support our students. From the bus drivers, cafeteria workers and staff who arrive before the sun to the coaches, B&G workers and school police officers who remain into the late night hours, we as the LAUSD family dedicate our professional lives to supporting students, whether in the classroom or outside of it. I thank you for everything you do. I want you to know that I support you and our families during this time of healing.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Miramonte students, families and staff. I pledge the District’s continued efforts to support wholesale changes to the laws that protect students first. That is our constituency—their rights. They don’t have a lobbyist, a union, an advocate—even a voice, so we will push hard to make it easier and far less expensive to remove employees who have allegedly committed heinous acts on children.

I ask us to join the Miramonte family in moving forward in the healing process and side by side in support of each other.


John E. Deasy

Superintendent John E. Deasy

(November 15, 2013)