10/18/13 - ALL: Update To Bulletin 6178.0 (Formally 5474.0) On Employee Unions, Associations, And Organizations, Solicitations And Sale Of Merchandise

In conjunction with the National Save for Retirement Week Board Resolution, updated contact information has been provided to Bulletin 6178.0 which provides procedures to be followed in order to provide the opportunity for unions/associations to contact employees at their place of work and to conduct their activities. The Bulletin also provides information and guidance about the solicitation and sale of merchandise for tax sheltered annuities, 403(b) plans voluntary retirement savings and 457(b) plans.

Principals may see an increase in vendors trying to visit their school sites as a result. Please contact the Office of Labor Relations at 213-241-7637 if you have any questions about this bulletin.

Click here for more information on National Save for Retirement Week.

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Source: Labor Relations: 213-241-7637