‘Hour of Code’ Kicks Off Oct. 14

In today’s world, CEOs of major tech companies are as recognizable as movie stars. Why? Because technology enhances and defines so much of our experience – from social media, to smart phones, to how we learn and work.


At LAUSD, we are committed to bridging the technology gap for our students to prepare them for college and career in the future. To help with this effort, LAUSD is joining others across the nation to help promote an “Hour of Code.”  


Dec. 9-15 is Computer Science Education Week and Code.org is calling for 100,000 educators and volunteers to bring an Hour of Code to 10,000,000 students that week. Click here to learn how you can help support this effort, and watch this video from Code.org, featuring Bill Gates (Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), and more.

Source: http://code.org/