LAUSD Offers Back-to-School Safety Tips

LOS ANGELES (Aug. 9, 2013) — An estimated 600,000 Kindergarten-12th grade students head back to school next Tuesday, Aug. 13.  Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) officials offer back-to-school safety tips for parents and students.

“I thank our parents for entrusting us with the safety of their children,” said Board President Dr. Richard Vladovic. “Our schools, staff and administrators are committed to provide a safe and secure learning environment where our children will academically prosper and thrive.”

Ensuring the safety of all students, the District currently has comprehensive safety programs that include a Human Relations, Diversity and Equity Office, and an expanded violence prevention program. Additionally, the officials have partnered with community organizations to provide safe passages so children travel safely to and from school.
“Students must feel safe on campus to achieve their best in the classroom,” said Superintendent John Deasy. “This year, the District has extended successful policies and procedures, and added others, to help ensure the safety of our youth.” 

The District’s comprehensive safety program includes an anti-bullying policy, as well as safety and emergency plans for every campus and a School Police Department with more than 400 fully-sworn officers. Nearly 1,000 campus aides, who add more safety protection at our school campuses, will bolster the officers.
Always prepared for any type of crisis, schools have emergency supplies, including food and water reserves, as well as first aid supplies, rescue equipment, and other basic necessities. Additionally, schools conduct regular drills to prepare for different kinds of hazards. Each school has a Safe School Plan that is customized to each campus and updated annually.
Through partnerships with community health care providers, the Los Angeles Unified School District is opening 15 new school-based Wellness Centers located in high-priority areas. Funding for these health services came, in part, from the Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health. For more information, please visit
LAUSD offers the following back- to-school safety tips for parents/guardians:
1.            Learn school rules. Read the 2013-2014 LAUSD Parent/Student Handbook, available in five
               languages at schools.

2.            Learn about the emergency plan at your school. School staff and students receive annual
               training on emergency procedures such as earthquake and fire drills. Know what you as a
               parent/guardian can do in the unlikely event that there is an emergency at your child’s

3.            With the new compliance law in effect for two years, all students entering seventh grade will
               need proof of a T-dap booster shot before starting school.  LAUSD clinics are offering free
               T-dap for students who are eligible. Pertussis (whopping cough) is an epidemic in California
               and is a highly contagious bacterial disease.
4.            Update your child’s emergency contact card whenever home, work or cell phone numbers
               change so that school personnel can contact you or another appropriate person when an
               emergency occurs.
5.            Know your child’s schedule every day. What time does school begin and end? What time do
               after-school activities end?
6.            Obey traffic rules around campus and whenever you are dropping off or picking up your
               children from school.

 LAUSD urges students to do their part to stay safe:

1.            Know your school’s rules and code of conduct. Do your best to practice good behavior.
2.            Walk to and from school with a buddy or group. Go directly to and from school every day. 
               Don’t stop at a store, restaurant or a friend’s home without your parents’ knowledge.

3.            Avoid talking to strangers or getting into a stranger’s car.

4.            Keep valuables, such as electronic devices, at home.
5.            Report any dangerous or suspicious activity to a parent, teacher, principal or police officer
               immediately. Remember, keeping schools safe is everybody’s job.

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