More Students Take Advanced Placement Courses and Exams

LOS ANGELES (July 31, 2013) — An increasing number of students are rising to the challenge of rigorous coursework followed by exams that can help open doors to the most selective universities and payoff with college credits.

Nearly 18 percent of students in grades nine through 12 in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) signed up for Advanced Placement courses in biology, calculus, chemistry, English literature, foreign languages, government and history during the 2012-13 school year.  That compares to barely 12 percent during the 2006-07 school year. Allowed to enroll in multiple courses, LAUSD students took more than 44,000 AP exams in May 2013 as compared to nearly 30,000 five years ago.
“Our students are among the best and the brightest,” said LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy.  “Even as our overall high school enrollment shrinks more students are choosing to take AP classes and exams.  More AP courses and exams were taken by LAUSD students in the 2012-13 school year than in the past five years. I congratulate them, and their teachers.”
In fact, the College Board reported in December 2012 that Schuyler Ross, a student in the humanities magnet at Cleveland High School, was one of five in the world who got a perfect score on the AP Biology Exam. Isaac Rozen of John Marshall High School was one of 17 students in the world, who achieved a perfect score on the highest-level AP Calculus Exam.
Scores are reported on a five-point scale, with three rated as qualified and eligible to receive college credit; four ranked as well qualified and five topped out at extremely well qualified. In general, the percentage of LAUSD students scoring three or above has remained constant at 40 percent over the past four years. 

Notably, 13 schools increased the percentage of AP exams with a passing score and the number of AP exams taken in 2012-13. They are: Torres Hum/Art/Tech, Orthopedic Hospital Magnet; Mendez Learning Center Math/Science; Fremont Senior High; Cleveland Senior High; Bravo Medical Magnet; Roybal Learning Center and Polytechnic Senior High.

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